About Us

restaurant asian style

Ecocoffee is a one of a kind café located in the heart of Prague surrounded by many popular places such as the Wenceslas square, Old town square, the Charles Bridge and the Art Museum just to name a few.
What makes us unique? Ecocoffee brings nature right inside. Customers can enjoy quality brews of coffee and several flavors of shisha whilst sitting amongst the many plants giving you an outdoor feeling.
Along with our specialty coffee, we also offer a selection of light meals that are popular in Asia. This makes it an ideal place to hang out with friends or a place to work. Either way the ambiance makes it a great place to sit back and relax. Only Ecocoffee offers you.

our mission

to bring the best coffee to customers and to deliver them an unforgettable encounter.

our vision to bring a little savoir-faire into the coffee experience and offer unique blends that aren’t normally found in Prague.

our team our team is comprised of highly qualified baristas. Our diverse team can speak more than one language allowing them to help people from many different countries.

Contact & Reservation

Skořepka 354/3, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město
+420 776 79 39 49


Monday- Sunday
8:00- 2:00